Colonial Hills United Methodist Church Master Plan

2009     San Antonio, Texas

The design of the Master and Development Plan for Colonial Hills United Methodist Church addresses the Church's Worship Center space needs in a coordinated and phased construction sequence.  Each phase is developed with its own budget, and is capable of being constructed independently.  A survey of existing facilities and documentation of accessibility and code compliance was completed, followed by a comprehensive survey and analysis of congregation needs and the scope of the renovation and expansion, which generated a list of priorities and program.  Multiple site planning options were developed, with two alternate schematic designs presented.  With one solution preferred, the scope of work, construction phasing, and budgets were developed.  Five phases were ultimately designed:  Sanctuary Renovations, Narthex and Entry Expansion, Sanctuary Support (restrooms and chapel) expansion, Hospitality Center Addition, and a New Music Building.

118 Broadway, Suite 516     San Antonio, Texas 78205      (210) 225-6130


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